Meet David Schwartz

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It's been almost two years since David Schwartz took over the reigns as President of Hair Visions International.  David's focus has been threefold:   Innovation,  Quality, and Service.

Probably the most significant contribution to the hair loss industry during this time has been the launch of Capilia Head First by Hair Visions International. 

"Trichology, the science of the scalp and hair follicles,  is probably the hottest category in the health and beauty industry" shared David. "We are in the self-image business and providing beautiful  hair to consumers  is of utmost importance.   Now, not only do we provide hair replacement,  wigs,  hair extensions, top of head prosthesis, and all the supporting items , we also provide a complete trichological program called Head First."

Qualifying hair loss studios and hair salons across the US have become certified Capilia Head First Hair Renewal Centers and can now offer new hope to consumers to re-create and maintain the health of their hair, and in many cases,  stimulate hair regrowth.   A proprietary, microscopic camera is used to capture conditions of the scalp that are preventing healthy hair growth.   A trichological treatment program is then customized to the consumers' unique situation, along with in-salon services and home products and protocol.  Results have been amazing!

Hair Visions International  is the umbrella company for these divisions:  On Rite, GemTress, UltraTress, Simplicity, and TressAllure.  Hair Visions International does not sell directly to the consumer.   Access to Hair Vision's products and programs are via retail hair loss studios and hair salons.  For more information or for a retail center near you,  contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..